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Square Footage

Kitchen Wall

  • 14' x 12' = 168 sq feet

Back Wall

  • 32' x 10.5' - 84 sq' (doors) = 336 - 84 = 252 sq'

Garage Wall

  • 20' x 13' = 260 sq'

Garage Front

  • 11' x 13' - 64 sq' (door) = 143 - 64 = 70 sq'


  • = 168 + 252 + 260 + 70
  • = 750 sq'


  • house wrap
  • rigid insulation (1")
  • strapping at 16" centers (PT??)
  • house over strapping ?
  • barn board horizontally run

Rainscreen System

Rigid Foam

I think we don't need rigid foam when using an inner airchamber/rainscreen. In the above pictures, rigid foam is shown.

If we do decide to use rigid foam, we could use 1" CodBoard 


FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Insulation is made in Canada and offers a combination of characteristics that result in long-term thermal performance of R-5 per inch, compressive strengths of 20-100 PSI and exceptional moisture resistance. Using FOAMULAR insulation can create comfortable living spaces in basements, as well as minimizing heat loss or gain when using it on above-grade exterior walls and the interior of foundation walls. FOAMULAR Extruded Polystyrene Rigid Insulation is lightweight and durable making it easy to handle, saw, cut and score.

  • For use in below grade walls against the interior or exterior concrete foundation wall.
  • Long-term thermal resistance and moisture resistant
  • R-5 per inch of thickness
  • Easy to install, lightweight and durable
  • Minimum 20% recycled content, SCS Certified
  • GREENGUARD Gold certified for indoor air quality.

Jay's Siding


1x10" x 16' CedarWood Source$36.44
Barn BoardAtmosphère & Boisup to $9/sq foot


Wood Source613.822.6800

Atmosphère & Bois


Other Siding Options


Jay's Design
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