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Small Pure Sine Inverter (300w - size depends on fridge)


Wiring using Sonoff SV

The trace is 2 mm wide. By assuming the PCB trace thickness is 1 oz/ft^2 you can calculate the current: 2A

If you are using more than 2A be sure to put more solder on the solder traces.

Wiring using Shelly 1 Plus

The Shelly 1 Plus with the Shelly Plus Addon should be able to handle the power requirements.

See Shelly 1 Plus

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To be continued.... 

Fridge Specifications

Running Power70 w
Amperage @120V0.6 A
Amperage @12V6 *1.2 = 7.2A
Power Using Inverter

50*1.2 = 60w

70*1.2 = 84w


Idle Power 40 w
Amperage @120V0.6A

Lowest Temp3.9 C


There is something wrong with this fridge.... Not sure if this is a result of limited ventilation or not... 


Tasmota Sonoff SV Details