Removing the Hub and Bearings

Remove Dust Cap

Bang the cover with a rubber mallet and then pry off using a screwdriver.

Remove Cotter Pin,  Nut and Washer

Pull Hub Off Spindle

Remove Outer Bearings

Remove Grease Seal

using a pry bar or screwdriver, pry out the grease seal. Placing the hub back on the tire made it easier.

Remove Inner Bearing

Clean Parts

Removing the Races

I decided to replace the hub so I didn't remove the races. They are in there pretty good. You just have to bang them out.


Spindle MeasurementValue
Inner 1-3/8" or 1.375"
Outer 1-1/16" or 1.063"

Outer Bearings

Specification DetailsNotes
Make/ModelKoyo L44648Replaced by L44649 ? 
ID27 mm1.063" or  1-1/16"
OD45.5 mm~ 1.791" 
Width (Thickness)14.7 mm0.579" 
Hub Opening 50 mm2"

Inner Bearing

Specification DetailsNotes
Make/ModelKoyo LM48548
ID 34.925 mm1.38"

65.088 mm

Width (Thickness)

18.034 mm


Grease Seal

Specification Details
Make/ModelDexter 010-004-00

Replacement Parts

Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease

Bel-Ray Waterproof Grease is the legendary high-performance, multi-purpose grease. Superior water resistance, even in salt water, will ensure continued sealing and protection. Perfect for wheel bearings, headsets, shock linkages, swing arm pivots and other motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile and marine chassis lubrication points. Due to its aluminum complex formula, it won’t melt or run out. Enhanced mechanical stability and special anti-wear additives protect and lubricate bearings for improved performance.

NLGI Grade 2
Trailer Hub Kit

iBroPrat 2 Sets Trailer Hub Kit 5 Bolt 4.5, Trailer Axle Kit for 3500 lb 5 Lug Trailer Hub with Extra Dust Cap and Rubber Plug

For trailer idler hub 5 on 4-1/2" for 3,500 lbs trailer axle.

Fits 1-1/16'' to 1-3/8" Trailer Axles 3500lb #84 Spindle.

I will be reusing my nut and washer since my spindle end is not the same size as the kit.

Packing the Bearings

I decided to buy a new hub kit since my old hub was kinda rusty and not as nice looking. The new hub kit with bearings was only $109 CA + Tax.

Start by packing grease into the inner and outer bearings

Install Inner Bearing

Install Bearing Seal

Clean and Grease Spindle

Insert Hub on Spindle and Add More Grease

Install Outer Bearing, Washer and Spindle Nut

Tighten and Loosen Nut - Tighten to seat the hub on the axle, loosen and then hand tighten the nut.

Install Cotter Pin

Add Grease Around the Nut

Add Grease to Dust Cap and Install



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