Installing Kodi


Configure Apple Account

You will need a developer account unless you want to have to re-install the app every 7 days.

Create Basic App

Open XCode and select File->New→Project

Select TVOS and Single View App and click Next.

Add your AppleTV to Xcode

Download Kodi Deb File

Download a stable version of kodi for TVOS from

Sign the Kodi Deb File

Select the Kodi Deb file for the input file.

Select the signing certificate and provisioning profile.

Click Start

Give it a name and Select your team.

Transfer Kodi to AppleTv

Open up the Devices and Simulators from XCode->Windows→Devices and Simulators

Select your appleTV from the device list. You may need to connect your USB-C cable to your appleTV if you don't see your device.

Click the + icon and select the signed kodi ipa file:

Wait for it to install and enjoy!


Configuring Samba Mounts

Enable Samba Client Version 1 to 3 by going into Settings → Services → SMB Client.

Set minimum to v1 and max to v3


URL: smb://


URL: smb://


IOS Signer
Kodi Deb Files