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Espresso Machine Details

Breville Barista BES870XL

Group Head Cleaning

Cleaning Tablets

Cleaning Procedure

The CLEAN / DESCALE light will illuminate (flashing) when a cleaning cycle is required. This is a back-flushing cycle and is separate from descaling.

1. Insert the 1 CUP filter basket into the portafilter, followed by the supplied cleaning disc, followed by 1 cleaning tablet.

2. Lock the porta filter into the group head and place a large container beneath the portafilter spouts.

3. Ensure the water tank is filled with cold water and the drip tray is empty.

4. Press the POWER button to switch the machine off.

5. Press the 1CUP and 2CUP buttons simultaneously, then also press the POWER button. Hold all 3 buttons together for approximately 10 seconds.

6. The cleaning cycle will commence and last for approximately 5 minutes. During this time, water will intermittently flow into the tray. 

7. Remove the portafilter and ensure the tablet has completely dissolved. If the tablet has not dissolved, repeat until the tablet has dissolved.


After regular use, hard water can cause mineral build up in and on many of the inner functioning components, reducing the brewing flow, brewing temperature, power of the machine, and taste of the espresso. We advise you to undertake the descaling processes outlined below when the ‘CLEAN / DESCALE’ indicator is illuminated (solid on).


Do not immerse power cord, power plug or appliance in water or any other liquid. The water tank should never be removed or completely emptied during descaling.

Before you begin

- Remove filter

Check if descaling is required

1 - Check if the ‘CLEAN / DESCALE’ light is illuminated (solid on), descaling is required.

Priming machine for descaling function

2 - Dissolve 2 tablespoons of citric acid in a cup of water. Mix and add to tank. Fill tank to MAX.

3 - Press and hold the 2-CUP button and then press and hold the POWER button simultaneously to enter the Descale mode.

The unit will heat up as part of commencing the descaling action, during the heating processes the POWER button should flash continuously.

The machine will indicate it is ready for descaling when the POWER button, 1 CUP button, CLEAN/DESCALE indicator and HOT WATER/ STEAM indicator are all illuminated (solid on).

Descaling the coffee component

4 - Press the 1-CUP button to start the descaling for the coffee component of the machine. Descaling coffee component takes approximately 25 seconds. The 1 CUP button should flash continuously and remain constant once the descaling process has finished. To terminate the descaling within 25 seconds, press the 1 CUP button again.

Descale the Steam and hot water components

Descaling steam and hot water takes approximately 13 seconds and 8 seconds respectively. Descaling can be terminated prematurely by turning the steam dial to STANDBY.

5 - Descale Steam component by turning the steam dial RIGHT towards the steam icon. It will stop automatically.

6 - Descale Hot water component by turning the steam dial to the LEFT towards the water icon. It will stop automatically.

Repeat processes to complete descaling

7 - Repeat steps 4-6 above to complete the descaling process to empty the solution in the tank.

Descaling Solution Rinse

8 - After descaling, remove the water tank and rinse thoroughly then refill with fresh cold water to the maximum capacity (68 fl. oz / 2L) and repeat steps 4-6 to further cleanse the machine of any residue of the cleaning solution thoroughly.

9 - Press ‘POWER’ to quit the descaling process. This will be indicated by the LED lights switching off.

Replacing the Filter


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