Door Lock

RV Lock Keyless Entry Door Lock Latch Handle for Trailer Caravan Camp with Remote Controller (RV Lock)

Setting the Combination

  • Press RESET button on the inside
  • Combination resets to 1-2-3-4
  • Press 8 and LOCK
  • Press current combination and LOCK
  • Press new combination and LOCK
  • Press new combination and LOCK

Original Door Lock


Mark the position of the current lock.

Remove the lock

Measure the thickness of the door

  • Door thickness is about 3/4".

The door thickness needs to be 1 1/8" = 1 3/8" thickness. For our application, we will need to install a spacer to make up the difference.

Mark location of new lock. I dropped the lock location down slightly so that the lock sits in the middle of the door depression.

It appears that we have an issue. Once we install the lock, we will still be able to see the original door lock hole.

We could fiberglass the hole  or add a plate to the front. Since the boler has yet to be painted, I am leaning towards fiberglass.

And the rest....

Problem Areas

The inside plate doesn't sit perfectly against the beveled curved of the door near the latch. 

The inside handle seems a bit wobbly. Will need strengthen the door around the door lock hole such that it doesn't bend in when tightened.

The plate that goes around the latch does not sit nicely and prevents proper closure. Currently this has been removed.


Reduced Buzzer Volume

The buzzer sound out of the box is pretty loud. To fix, I cit the copper trace and jumpered the connection with a 10K resister to reduce the volume.

Fiberglass Work

In order to have a nicer looking lock installation, I removed the door and fiberglassed the hole on the front of the door and added fiberglass to the inside to make the lock sit flush.

Moved Hinges

In order to get the hinges not to hit the belly band, I moved the hinges to 1/3 the height of the door. 

The door measured 64 1/2" which put the hinges at 21 1/2" and 43".


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