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These are my personal notes on SVN.

Basic Commands



svn checkout <URL>Checkout repo
svn status --no-ignoreShow status of all files
svn status --no-ignore |grep ^?Show un-versioned files
svn add <folder_or_file>Add files for commit
svn revert --recursive <folder_or_file>Revert an add
svn delete <folder_or_file>Remove files
svn commitCommit changes to svn server.
svn updatePull changes from svn server
svn revert <file>Revert changes to a file

svn log

Display logs for the current folder. Do svn update first.

svn import -m "Comment" <FOLDER> <REPO>/<FOLDER>

ex: svn import -m "Node Projects" node

Import a folder into your repository

After importing, you will need to checkout the project.

svn rm REPO_URL/project

ex: svn rm

Remove a project from SVN
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