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The objective of this modification was to allow the rear hatch to open without hitting the cargo carrier. 

Cargo Carrier

ASlide Strip
BQuick Grip Assembly
CSnapfit Cradle w/Screw
ELid Lifter
FTie-Down Strap


  • determine where you need to have your grips in order for the carrier to clear the rear hatch. 
  • remove the quick grip assembly by un-screwing the smapfit cradle from the underside of the carrier.
  • remove the rivet caps from the underside for the slide strip
  • drill out the rivets from the slid strip and remove.
  • using a jigsaw, extend the hole for the slid strip. 

  • place age slide strip in place and drill out the new holes using the slide strip as a guide. 

  • tape up the old holes to prevent moisture from entering the cargo carrier. Here, I used aluminum tape.

  • tape the slider in place to facilitate riveting

  • rivet the slide strip in place.
  • re-assemble


The cargo carrier now clears the rear hatch!


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