The hinges are marked with a 1 and 2. The part labeled 2 goes at the top of the door and the part labeled 1 goes at the bottom.


First the mounting holes are different and do not align so new holes need to be drilled, this is not a bad thing because by changing the mounting location you will be able to open the door flat against the belly band, rather than the edge of the door hitting the belly band resulting in door damage.  First you want to remove any weatherstripping from around the door or door opening, this will interfere aligning the door.  You want the to mount the hinges on the door, take a close look at the hinges, there should be numbers stamped on them, the #1 hinge is the bottom hinge and the #2 hinge is the top hinge.  Start by measuring the total height of the door, it should measure about 63″, divide this into thirds which should be 21″ and 42″, this will be where you want to locate the hinges.  Position the hinges so the two door side mounting holes are centred on the door flange and equal distance from the edge, drill ¼” holes through the door and mount the hinge by using ¼-20 x 1″  bolts & nuts.  (I will provide alternatives for the bolts later in this article).

I repositioned my original boler hinges using this technique and now my door opens without hitting the belly band.

Replacement the Hinge Bolt

See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOxGYMzUNNY&t=410s

Lube the cups with the teflon base lube/grease.

Notice the placement of the nylon washers and spring.

Notice that the bottom of the bolt is just past the lock nut. This is the proper adjustment.

Hinge Mounting Bolts 

3/4" long - 1/4" bolts with 1/4" washer and nut


Hinge Repair Kit

These kits contain the highest quality parts at a reasonable price that won’t rust and will last for many years?
The kit includes everything you will need to rebuild both hinges, one kit is all you need for your trailer:

Kit includes:

2 – solid brass pivot balls (made in USA)
2 – 316 stainless steel bolts
2 – 316 stainless steel nylock nuts
2 – 316 stainless steel springs (made in Canada)
4 – nylon isolation washers
Synthetic Teflon assembly lube

Hinge Bolts

3/4" long - 1/4" bolts

Local Hardware Store


1/4" washer

Local Hardware Store


1/4" Nut

Local Hardware Store


Rebuilding Boler & Scamp Door Hingehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOxGYMzUNNY&t=410s
Mounting Scamp Hinges on your Bolerhttps://www.boler.ca/2017/05/16/mounting-scamp-hinges-on-your-boler/
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