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MakeCaldera C30
Serial NumberC303H3043
Size7.5' x 7.5'
Heater4 Kw
Volume475 Gal/1800L
Dry Weight920 lbs
Filled Weight5,915 lbs
Electrical230 V, 50A
Filter Capacity75 square feet


Water Chemistry

Initial Water Fill 

The following chemicals are added when the spa is refilled.

Cal Up480g
Ph Up34g
Chlor3 Tbs

Compensation June 2022

Ph Up20g


Parts Finder:


Waterway Executive 48 2.0 HP pump


2.0HP Waterway Executive 48 Spa Pump, 2 Speed   

Waterway OEM part # 3420820-1A

2.0" intake and 2.0" discharge, (Measures 3" outside to outside)



High Speed Details

10.5 Amps high speed (3450 RPM) 

Low Speed Details

2.8 Amps low speed (1725 RPM)


Part #DescriptionImageURLReplaced


Outside Diameter:  7.0000"
Cartridge Length:  14.7500"
Bottom:  2 11/16 INCH OPEN

  • Caldera 75
  • Unicel C-7375

  • Filbur FC-3964
  • Pleatco PCD75N
  • Aladdin 17543

2013 - Filbur FC-3964
73920Caldera Spa Waterfall Valve Complete 2006 Plus
73850Magna Jet

73481Jet Rotary Magnassage 01-08

72587Magna Jet Insert


VersaSsage Jet

VSR Replacement Jet

April 2012
73852Minijet WG

73909Euro Pulse Jet

72594Caldera Spa Neckjet Pillow, 2002 to 2008



Caldera Spas Lounge Pillow 2002 - 2008
73994Original Heater Assembly


Original Pressure Switch


Universal Heater Assembly, 4 kW

15" heater manifold (measured from stainless steel flange to flange). -

Threaded pressure switch 1/8"NPT, SPST, 1 Amp rating. Two terminals accept either spade or forked connectors.

(Actual outside diameter of threads is slightly larger than 3/8")

Also known as Tecmark 3903, 3902, 36142, TEC3902526866200-170C. -

Elite Spa Cover - $364.00 
Cover Shape: Radius -Corners

Measurement A: 89

Measurement B: 89

Measurement C: 6

Color: Dark Grey

Skirt-Length: 3.5"

Double Wrap: Polysheet - 6 mil

Pillow Type (Hinge Seal): Full Pillow

Fold-Direction: Cut "A" in half for fold

Upgrade: Deluxe foam 1.5lb 5 years warranty

2013 - buyfactorydirectspacovers


Elite Spa Cover - 
Cover Shape: Radius -Corners

Measurement A: 90

Measurement B: 90

Measurement C: 6

Color: Dark Grey

Skirt-Length: 3.5"

Double Wrap: Polysheet - 6 mil

Pillow Type (Hinge Seal): Full Pillow

Fold-Direction: Cut "A" in half for fold - 


$424.00 + TAX


Diverter Valve Assembly

72348Bezel (Cover) - Campbell Pools

39230Valve Insert -Campbell Pools


O-ring fits top-access 3-way 2" diverter valve.

Fits: Waterway, Hydro-Air, Hydroflow, our BX9689 2" valves

2-5/8" x 3/32". Replaces OEM part 568-143


2019 -Ottawa Fasteners

72185Tee 2". diverter valve

Top Valve Stem O-Ring
O-ring for valve insert. Requires 2 o-rings.

3/4" o-ring

72186Caldera Bezel / Lever Valve Kit 72186
22007Diverter Valve(All)


Structure Repair

Replaced rotten wood with pressure treated 2x4s. Also clad the hot tub in pressure treated plywood.

Siding Replacement

Diverter Valve Leak


I noticed that the hot tub temperature was low (80F) so I went to check on it. I then discovered that the water level was below half way. The pump was still trying to move the water around.

Checking the outside of the hot tub revealed the leak was on the same said as the main diverter valve. The main diverter valve had a small leak in the past  but I let it go since it seemed to be leaking into the hot tub and only when on high. It seems that it found a way to make things more exciting for me. 

Removing the side panel revealed the water but no noticeable leaks so I assumed it must be the leaking diverter valve.

An inspection of the electrical revealed that the fuses for the heater had blown.


Doing a valve replacement for this particular valve would be tricky since it multiple pieces all glued together. So, since it is winter, the fix will be to use a 2" (size 12) plug. And done!

Since the old fused jumper cables were kinda melted, I made new ones.


Revised Fix

So, after the winter, I noticed rust from the above plug so I decided a more permanent solution was required. I had purchased a 2" plug but it was a bit too big for the hole. I will need to resize it.

Using a heat gun, I applied heat to the perimeter of the plug for about 2 mins while rotating the plug. After that, I pushed the plug into the hole in order to get it to resize itself to the diameter of the hole. Once cooled, I removed the newly formed plug and applied primer and glue and secured in place.

No more leak. Done.

Wired Remote Removal

The stereo's wired remote had become an eyesore so it was removed. Covered with a 3d printed 65 mm cover and siliconed in place.

Pillow Fix

The pillow kept coming loose and floating around the hot tub. Decided to re-form it with a heat gun and some zip ties. Worked perfectly.

New Remote

Since I have a custom controller, I decided to add a control panel to the hot tub. The plate was created using a 3D printer and PLA light grey filament. It was then sanded smooth. The center switch controls the lights and the small switch to the left controls the pump. All other controls are set using HomeKit.


Clarion CMD5

Clarion CMD5 Marine CD/MP3/WMA Receiver with CeNET Control and Watertight Faceplate 
Clarion CMRC2-BSS

Waterproof Wired Remote Control with Stainless Steel Trim Ring
Uses Standard 2-1/16-inch Gauge Cutout

Ouside Diameter: 2-3/8-inches

NOTE: This remote does NOT come with cable. You will need a M101RXC-RET extension cable
NOTE: When connecting 2 remotes, you will need a M101RYC-RET Y-adaptor cable.

Rockville RGHR2 Marine Receiver



The wired remote did not do well in the hot tub. Rubber buttons disintegrated and it took on water. Stopped working within a year and removed in 2023.

Local Caldera Dealer

Campbell Pools

1344 Youville Drive

Orleans ON K1C 2X8

(613) 834-6243



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