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ManufacturerGuangdong Chant Group Inc
Product Number085-1522-0
Model PG601
Rated Heat Output40,000 BTU
Max/Min PSI150/5


Heater Assembly (Not exact)


Should Flames Touch Thermocouples?

Yes, the pilot flame touches thermocouples at a certain level. If flames are weak and blue they hardly reach thermocouples, therefore, they should be strengthened. If flames extend past thermocouples, they are stronger. The perfect position is when flames cover the tops of thermocouples and burn with yellow-tips.

How Do You Test Patio Heater Thermocouples?

What you’ll need for the test :

  • Multimeter
  • Wrench
  • Flame source, i.e., lighter or candle

The open-circuit test is quite a straightforward process, but it is best to look for a professional if you lack experience.

  • Make sure to turn off your gas flow before conducting the test since you’ll have to remove the thermocouple.
  • To remove the patio heater thermocouple, unscrew the connection nuts, and copper leads, followed by the bracket nuts.
  • Set your meter to ohms. Touch the two leads of the meter. Your reading should be zero. If so, turn your meter back to volts.
  • Turn the flame source on to conduct the actual test.
  • Heat the thermocouple to a considerable level by placing it in the flame.
  • Attach the leads of your multimeter to your thermocouple. Place one lead on one of its sides. Attach the next lead to the end at the flame position.
  • For thermocouples working correctly, your reading should range between 25-30 milli volts. If you’re reading it below 25 milli volts, you should purchase a new model.


Flame turns of after a while on high
  • clean thermocouple
  • re-align thermocouple
  • clean any debris from gas line


What Is A Patio Heater Thermocouple? Troubleshooting Guide.
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