Install netatalk and avahi-daemon

sudo apt install netatalk avahi-daemon
mkdir /srv/timemachine

Next we need to set the ownership of this folder to our user account. 

chown <user>:<group> /srv/timemachine/

In my case, I am using an existing account: 

chown john:john /srv/timemachine/ 

The config of netatalk is saved in /etc/netatalk/afp.conf - we update it as follows (again, replace your-username and srv/timemache with the values of your choice; your-hostname will be the server name that appears in the TimeMachine configuration of your Mac):

vi /etc/netatalk/afp.conf

; Netatalk 3.x configuration file

hostname = deepthought

path = /srv/timemachine
time machine = yes
valid users = john
vol size limit = 1000000

The vol size limit is set in MB. Setting the vol size limit to 1TB.

Now, enable and start everything

sudo systemctl enable avahi-daemon
sudo systemctl start avahi-daemon
sudo systemctl enable netatalk
sudo systemctl start netatalk

sudo systemctl restart avahi-daemon
sudo systemctl restart netatalk


sudo systemctl restart avahi-daemon
sudo systemctl restart netatalk
sudo rm -rf /srv/timemachine 


sudo systemctl stop netatalk
sudo systemctl disable netatalk
sudo systemctl stop avahi-daemon
sudo systemctl disable avahi-daemon


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