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Back in the mid 90's, I ran a bulletin board system (BBS) called Totem Pole Communications. 

I have since, tried to bring this back from the dead. More to come on this.

Original BBS Screen Shots


synctermA cross-platform ANSI-BBS terminal designed to connect to remote BBSs via telnet, rlogin, or SSH.
ftelnetBrowser Based Telnet Client


Lunduke - setup bbs on linux

Open Telegard
List of BBS Software
BBS’ing with Windows/386 & Windows 3.0 under Qemu
How To Play: TradeWars 2002! Retro BBSing in 2019
Digital Distortion BBS
** An old DOS BBS in a Docker container
Renegade BBS Docker
BBS’ing with Windows/386 & Windows 3.0 under Qemu or how I learned to love rlfossil
Hayes Modem Command Set
BBS Software

Running a DOS-based BBS through Linux and Telnet
Netfoss Guide
WWIV BBS - dosemu common settings
Trade Wars 2002  Game Server Download
How to DosEMU
BBS Files/Archive
Trade Wars 2002 v309 for BBS

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